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How to Make Money Online Through InsMe

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Here is another complete step by step guide on how you can possibly be making some passive income online which you can withdraw at any point of your choosing. The great thing about this platform to be mentioned here is that it is hassle-free, what you sacrificing is just the time that you usually spend on IG.

With the aid of this article, our esteemed readers can be making a minimum of N2,415 weekly or more. If followed to the edge, you can make more than 100k per week, the point is you are paid daily on the app and you can cash out at any point in time you choose the choice of accumulation is up to use.

InsMe is connected to IG, one of the largest social entertainment platforms in the world, and is the official strategic partner of IG. InsMe has a powerful intelligent publicity engine and settlement system.

InsMe is a registered promotional Platform in Nigeria, which works in partnership with Instagram to promote the various ads being placed by various internet celebrities on the Instagram social media platform.

It is a website where celebrities/individuals like you and me go to get huge numbers of likes and views for their Instagram photos and videos. What these celebrities/individuals do is they pay InsMe to send views to their Instagram profile picture or video and this is what members sent by InsMe are to like and in the end upload proof of it on the Insme Platform.

Note that it is not compulsory that you must watch the video or photo on Instagram, what InsMe users need to do is to like the photo or video and thus upload proof of it in a form of a screenshot. Clients pay InsMe for the traffic sent to their Instagram post and in the end, the user obtains a part commission from InsMe for their time and efforts.


  • An Android or iPhone, Or windows PC device
  • Instagram app
  • Your NG Sim (can be any network)
  • Active data subscription
  • Your ability to read and follow through this article

How to Make Money on InsMe App

As an InsMe registered member, you can earn by liking celebrities’ pictures and posts on Instagram. As earlier stated, there are numbers of tasks/missions an InsMe member can perform daily in order to earn.

A mission Completed on the free plan gives you #28. An InsMe member on the Free plan will be limited to 2 missions daily while paid member can complete up to 300 missions daily depending on the paid package.

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