China targets 33 apps over misuse of private user data

Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has ordered 33 app developers to cease the practice of collecting private user data without first receiving consent from its users, under threat of penalties, the severity of which are yet to be clear.

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Improving Patient Records in Healthcare With Technology

Conclusions Patient records are the primary repository of data in the information-intensive health care industry. Although clinical information is increasingly likely to be computerized, the current, predominant mode for recording patient care data remains the paper record. Paper records have the advantages of being familiar to users and portable; when they are not too large, users can readily browse through them. Paper records, however, have serious, overriding limitations that frequently frustrate users and perpetuate inefficiencies in the health care system. Further, the impact of these limitations is growing as the health care system becomes more complex. Modern patient care requirements have outgrown the paper record.

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Glo Launches Beep Call Service – Here is Everything You Should Know

Globacom which said the service is FREE, added that Glo subscribers have been benefiting from the service since it was unveiled. While urging Nigerians to make effective use of the new offer to stay in touch with their families, friends, and contacts at all times, Glo assured them of continuous provision of innovative packages.

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