How to upgrade to Windows 11 without waiting in line

Windows 11 is now available and will be rolling out to millions of PCs worldwide. But, as with any new OS rollout, it’s not going to happen overnight, and many Windows users will be waiting for a while until that magic upgrade notice appears. Don’t want to wait? You don’t have to — you can, with just a little effort, download and install the new version of Windows right now.

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Microsoft’s Windows 11: The Big New PC Features Coming This Year

Running Windows 7 or 8? Better luck next time. Microsoft won’t offer a free upgrade path for those operating systems. Besides, chances are your system won’t be compatible anyway. Of course, that base of more than a billion Windows 10 users is the most critical to Microsoft. If people fear the upgrade, then 11 will be remembered as no more than a Windows Vista.

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