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Tech Startups’ New Million-Dollar Question: Do We Really Need an Office?

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Some entrepreneurs says they’re better off building their businesses entirely in the cloud—for now, at least

How Tech Companies Are Revamping the Remote-Work Experience
Prominent tech companies are embracing remote work amid an exodus of skilled labor from Silicon Valley. WSJ looks at what that could mean for innovation and productivity and what companies are doing to manage the impact.

While larger companies are deciding how much of their workforce to send back to the office once the pandemic recedes, an increasing number of tech startups are wondering if they can make do without a lease altogether.

Different courses on remote work over the past years has shown some tech entrepreneurs that their ability to collaborate online is strong—and that they might be better off building their businesses entirely in the cloud. Founders could save money on rent and hire employees wherever they want to live.

Going cloud-only may not be for all companies. Even in the software sector, where the work doesn’t generally involve designing and building tangible objects, there are a host of challenges to dispensing entirely with offices. These range from learning the communication habits of colleagues who never met in person to fostering the kinds of relationships it takes to fundraise from afar. Decades of research point to the power of proximity, augmenting the lore around Silicon Valley, and the birth of the world’s most successful companies.

We All Need to Stop Only Seeing the Dark Side of Crypto

Popular perception in the developed world remains that crypto is at best the domain of meme-conversant Wolf of Wall Street-like figures and at worst of drug dealers. Regulators and policymakers seem to partially share that belief, as crackdowns and strict regulations are announced across the globe from China to Turkey to the US. And yet in the Global South more and more people are choosing to use a technology designed to help them keep their wealth safe from confiscation, tyranny, or arbitrary restrictions. Whatever you think of crypto, its role as a force for good in some parts of the world should not be ignored.

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